First Crush Winery

"In water one sees one’s own face; but in wine, one beholds the heart of another."
An Old French Proverb

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About the Coop


As you have seen, our vision for First Crush Winery is far from typical since the coop membership element is a primary emphasis. The membership benefits and fundamentals of First Crush Coop are as follows:



Membership: First Crush Winery coop membership requires a minimum reserve of 2 cases (24 bottles). To join, members provide a 50% deposit and the balance plus tax is due at bottling.

          2 cases: 50% deposit of $90.00 per case x 2

          3-10 cases: 50% deposit of $85.00 per case

          11-25 cases: 50% deposit of $80.00 per case


Reserve your very own 26 gallon new French oak barrel containing our Bordeaux or Zinfandel-blend. The barrel will be your own and can be used for multiple vintages. Each vintage will yield between 10-11 cases of quality wine. This also provides an opportunity for periodic barrel tastings, participatory decisions on sulfite additions, tannin and acid balancing, as well as, the length of time in oak. Total cost to be calculated at $160.00 per full case and $13.00 per additional bottles, plus tax, plus $400.00 for the new barrel. This is approximately $2,000.00 for wine and the barrel less the tax on wine. This would require a $1000.00 deposit and the balance plus tax on the wine at bottling. In subsequent vintages the costs would be based on wine cost and tax, plus optional addition of oak adjunct inserts that can be utilized to create a new oak influence each year.


Private Labeling: Private labels can be arranged for corporate use, family use, weddings, etc. Certain limitations may apply to comply with government regulations.


To Join

Simply download, print and complete this membership form. Indicate your reserve request. Mail back to us with a 50% deposit per reserved cases to our business office @ First Crush Winery c/o Frank D. Puzio, 83 Thacher Shore Road, Yarmouthport, MA 02675. You will begin receiving email updates and invitations to social events and wine making activities. Feel free to request a private wine tasting for yourself and potential coop members.

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