Our Vision

The vision and the passion of First Crush Winery is under the proud direction of Frank Puzio, a retired local eye doctor with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. Aside from a rewarding day job, Dr. Frank has been evolving his enology experiences and skills for more than 30 years. “The mission for First Crush Winery is simple; to produce exquisite wines that will turn the heads of the most discriminating, utilizing the finest fruit in the land while sparing no expense on equipment and technology.”


The core emphasis of First Crush Winery centers around an atypical winemaking COOPerative providing an optional hands-on team-building opportunity for its members to assist during primary winemaking events, thus helping make the wine that will ultimately be their own. Coop members buy into meaningful discounted futures, a minimum of two cases seasonally.  Currently, 600+ Coop members enjoy these discounts, receive monthly enology education, and have opportunities to form new friendships during our wine making and social events. Learn More …

Our Brand

The name First Crush is a play-on-words depicting the realities of making wine, along with the social enjoyment experienced consuming wine. The first step in making wine is a process called “the crush” that strips the grapes from their stems to yield only berries and juice in preparation for fermentation. In addition, when the nectar of the God’s is enjoyed, it is typically in the presence of friends, family and/or with a person in your life that elicits a meaningful crush. And so, we are First Crush Winery!

“In water one sees one’s own face; but in wine, one beholds the heart of another.”
An Old French Proverb