I have pages and pages of valued acknowledgements.  The following is a sampling of a few that I have saved over time…

Hi Dr. Frank!
I just wanted to say thank you for your hospitality and taking the time to talk with my parents and I at the winery yesterday. I especially wanted to thank you for the Cranberry wine relish recipe which was a huge hit at our dinner table. There was heavy competition as it was up against my aunt’s cranberry sauce and the traditional cranberries in the shape of a can. I took the liberty of garnishing and pairing it with your Fusion cab!  I hope you and your family are having a lovely holiday! We will most certainly visit again when we come back to town.
Thanks again!  Courtney Sobrado

Hi Frank,


I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for a lovely tour and tasting last weekend.  I personally enjoyed it, and I know my sister – the bride to be – had a blast!  I’m sure we’ll be visiting again next time we’re in the area.

Thank you for your time and attention, and for making our trip a lovely experience.

Hope you have a great weekend,


Dr. Frank
Alex and I had to taste the bottle you just gave me while getting ready for dinner. Oh my!!! You have raised the bar on this. It is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this treasure.
Have a good family gathering tomorrow.  Hiram Ball

Dear Frank and Diane
Lisa and I enjoyed our tour on Thursday. We have returned to BG KY and are sharing your wine (the Rose right now) with friends. The first two have received rave reviews.  Thank you for thorough explanations and great wine.  Best Wishes Ed


Hi Frank & Diane

Louie & I are enjoying our first of the sixty bottles of wine I bottled today with the help of my friend Leslie and you.  Frank, the wine is delicious!!! It has exceeded my expectations. It is smooth and velvety with nice hints of fruit. Thank you so much for your endless effort and true dedication to making great wine.  Our best regards, Anne & Louie Seminara


Hi Frank

The education on making wine has been fabulous.  The camaraderie and making new friends is an added bonus that was unexpected.  Your skill at winemaking, I’ve come to find, is exceptional.  And the quality of the wine is superb.  I always get requests from people I share it with, on how they can buy more.  Ron Sanchies

The co-op experience with the leadership of Frank and Diane Puzio is the most rewarding wine and friendship opportunity my wife and I have experienced on or off Cape in our 18 years in Harwich.  The camaraderie, hands-on crushing, pressing, storing and bottling the wine resulting in a terrific Cabernet end product that we now enjoy, PRICELESS! Bud and Midge Dey, Harwich

Frank’s most recent wine is truly outstanding with complex, approachable tannins, low sulfites and good fruit balance, making this an age-worthy blend which we think makes many commercially sold wines in the $35-$40 range blush with embarrassment.  Gary and Lisa Markowitz

My involvement in Frank Puzio’s winemaking co-op has been an interesting, fun, and engaging way to share and explore the pleasures of good wine. It’s been a unique opportunity to be involved, and participate in, the winemaking process from start to finish. Being part of a local, growing Cape interest has been an approachable and very social way to learn and explore an entirely new aspect of wine.  Peter Troutman (Owner Scargo Café, Dennis, MA)

The wine co-op has allowed me to rekindle my interest in wine which was developed while living in Sonoma County, CA. Not only has it allowed me to expand upon my past experiences, but I have had the great fortune to meet many people with similar interests. Dr. Charles Walkley, Brewster, MA


Frank, do you really know how much I enjoy reading your newsletters?  When I receive a note in my inbox, I read with the writer’s voice in my head.  For whatever reason, when I read your updates, I actually SEE your facial expression in my mind.  I get your enthusiasm, humor and borderline panic (at times). You definitely have many talents, add writing to the list.  Eileen Bagley, South Yarmouth, MA


Just had my first bottle of visZINary, WOW!!! I purchased it at Ferretti’s market with a strong recommendation from the owner.  Delish!!!  Served it at a get-together, and as a result, I did not get much.  I’ll be back for more!  Cheers, Linda Cadilelli, Dennis, MA


Frank, Barb and I want to thank you for taking so much time out of your busy day to give us a tour at First Crush Winery.  The tour was extremely enjoyable and instructive.  We learned more about winemaking and the labor of love that goes into it than ever before.  We were particularly impressed with the layout planning and decoration of your winery space.  There was obviously a lot of thought and care that went into your treatment of the facility.

The real highlight, however, was the tasting of the final products.  The wines were most enjoyable and impressive.  I look forward to a purchase on my next trip to the Cape.  We are anxious to share them with our good friends in Pennsylvania! – Woddy Hughes, PA


Frank, Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the First Crush Winery dinner at Barnstable Tavern, and of course your wines.  We especially loved the cranberry-raisin with the intent to (locally) spice up our Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile, many, many congratulations from your neighbors on the winery and the wines.  Cheers! – Paul and Debbie, Yarmouthport, MA


Hey Frank, just want you to know that I can now enjoy the experience of winemaking without owning all the equipment and storage space.  It’s a great opportunity to learn the craft.  Thank you.  Bob Doane, Harwich, MA