April Update, 2017

May 26, 2017
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April Update, 2017

Our 2016 Cran Blanc showing off its beautiful apricot color in early morning Cape Cod sun.

Wine Availability…

Our new 100% Sangiovese (Rapture) is now available. This is a lighter red wine. In addition, our new Super Tuscan blend (Amore) is available. I know you will agree, both are amazing wines. The later is a blend of 80% 2016 Sangiovese and 20% of our 2015 Cab blend, Fusion.

As you know, I aim to make your COOP experience educational. To that end, you are all welcome to visit the winery and I will teach you how to make Amore!

As posted last month, 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Star Spangled), 2016 Rose ( Innocence), and our new cranberry wines are fully available.

Our Next Social…

It’s official… In my last update we suggested June 10th for our spring social, but after hearing whines from a few of you in regard to conflicts, we have selected May 27th, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, 4-6pm.

Most of you know the drill by now… Couples bring an appetizer and singles can mooch. There is a $10.00 fee at the door to cover costs of entertainment, expenses, and to pay the pretty wine glass washer. $5.00 per glass of wine. It’s always a blast and a half, but keep in mind, most half blasts are considered duds… except at First Crush Winery socials.

My New Toy…

As forecasted in my last update, we attended the Eastern States Winery Conference late March in Syracuse, NY. If any of you know me from my eye care days, you know I like technology. We brought home a new robotic wine labeling machine. It took me a few days to get the French gadget fully understood and calibrated for our labels. We used it this past week for the first time and we loved it. Saved about two hours of our time from a typical all-day bottling session.

I would like to thank good friend and Maryland COOP member, JT, who helped me troubleshoot my new robotic toy. FYI: JT took six cases of First Crush back home to share with his friends and family in Maryland.

My New Toy.
Can anyone spot a bottleneck?
Hint… It’s a trick question!

First Crush Functions you may want to consider attending…

Friday, April 21st @ 5pm,
he Dennis-Harwich Lions Club will hold a meet and greet. COOP members and friends are invited. See the enclosed link for details. Complimentary appetizers… wine at $5.00 per glass. Let’s support the Lions and their good works.
View Link

Financial Education Seminar… May 4th, 2:30 – 3:30 pm and 5:30 – 6:30 pm.See enclosed link for details. RSVP to Geoffrey Cambal… [email protected] NC to sip First Crush wine as you sit and learn. Could be a brainer or a no brainer depending on your concentration level.
View Link

COOP Funny…

A few days after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident, a Bar Harbor Maine man answered his door to find two grim-faced Harbor Master officers.

“We’re sorry Mr. Flynn, but we have some information about your wife,”.

“Tell me! Did you find her?!” Cedric Flynn asked.

‘I would like it infrequently’ she replied.

One officer said, “We have some bad news, some good news, and some really great news”!

Fearing the worst, Mr. Flynn said, “Give me the bad news first.”

The officer said, “I’m sorry to tell you, sir, but this morning we found your wife’s body in the bay.”

“Lord sufferin’ Jesus!” exclaimed Flynn. What could possibly be the good news?”

The officer continued, “When we pulled her up, she had 12 of the best looking Atlantic Maine Lobsters that you’ve ever seen clinging to her… Haven’t seen lobsters like that since the 60’s, and we feel you are entitled to a share of the catch.”

Stunned, Mr. Flynn demanded, “If that’s the good news, then what’s the great news?”

The officer replied, “We’re going to pull her up again tomorrow”

Drink my wine my friends,


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