August Update, 2016

August 15, 2016
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August Update, 2016

Wequassett… the perfect destination to celebrate 43 years of do you like one or two.

Dear Oenophiles,

This past Monday, I officially retired from an amazing 43 year career in optometry. A happy sad day for sure. I was so privileged all these years not only to practice on this amazing archipelago we call Cape Cod, but especially to be given the opportunity to care for the most precious sense of so many. I have always been humbled and honored to be the recipient of that trust. Many of you in our COOP have also been my patients and I thank you all for your confidence. With my son at the helm of Puzio Eyecare, the quest for excellence in optometry will continue for many years to come.

So, the good news is that everyone loves our wine. WINE ALERT…, some of our wines will sell out in the August timeframe. And, since COOP members come first, if you want to stock up on extra Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé or Sangiovese, please come in and get some soon. I said to Diane recently… “what will we do when they run out of some wines mid-summer and we only have two wines for visitors to taste”? She said… “Put a sign on the door, closed for the season”! As a reminder to new COOP members, when you purchase extra wine beyond your reserve amount, you purchase that extra wine at your discounted reserve rate.

My lovely wife Diane has reached this same stage, on the same day, from her professional nursing and office management life. I could not have done it without her by my side all these years. My thanks and love Honey Bunny!

So, do we now feel retired? Can’t say that we do, since we are fully immersed in our new sever day per week winery job. As many have humorously warned, “be careful what you look for.” Our current “focus” is on winemaking preparation for our 2016 vintage. The following topics will bring you up-to-date on our rapidly approaching events and opportunities.

New Winery Equipment…

Since we will be making more wine this year, I have in place an additional 1000 and 500 liter secondary fermenter. We are also going to use one extra 2000 liter fermenter this season. As a reminder, secondary fermenters are the stainless tanks the wine goes into after fermentation and after the press stage. This now provides us with 15,000 liters of storage for post-pressed wine. That’s about 4000 gallons of wine. That’s a lot of vino!

In addition, I procured an electric pallet jack to more easily move our heavy primary fermenters out to our computerized wine press (Presszilla). In a recent update I outlined our new computer lab testing equipment for acid measurement and SO2 (sulfite) testing. Early next week I will order all of our nutrients, yeasts and ancillary chemicals for our 2016 winemaking efforts.

Crush Date…

It’s still too early to predict harvest and our crush date, however, Ron Lanza and Frank Musto think it will be early again this year, on or about, September 20th. I will have a more accurate estimate as we get towards the end of the month. As in the past, you will receive more frequent updates from me over the next three months.

COOP Wine Pickup…

The 2015-16 COOP reserve will end of August 31, and the 2016-17 COOP reserve will begin September 1st. If some of you receiving this blog have not reserved for last year’s wines, it’s a great time to jump into 2015-16 since you will have your wine very sooooooon, and in relation to our current retail pricing, you will save at least $70.00 per case.

I will be bottling our cab and zin blends from last year over the next two weeks. I will aim for COOP reserve pickup by the last week in August. Once again, it is encouraged to sign up for your next year’s reserve when concluding your current reserve. This year, when you do so early, I will gift you two extra bottles of our gold medal zinfandel, and also, our new First Crush Winery corkscrew as a thank you. For the few early birds that have already signed up for next year, remind me to get you’re your extra wine and one of the recently arrived corkscrews.

Our Harvest Social…

Reserve the date: September 10th, 4-6pm. This is the big one! Details as we get closer. We only invite COOP members and their COOP wana-be guests.

White, red and rosé lovers, lives matter,

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