Cranberry Crush Update, 2016

October 31, 2016
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Cranberry Crush Update, 2016

Pucker Up

Cranberry Crush…

I just received 1500 pounds of beautiful dry-picked Harwich cranberries. Our grower is Aaron Gingras and family. I will plan to crush this coming Tuesday morning, November 1st, and I will begin at 8am. Sorry for these midweek winemaking events, but weather and timing is everything. If my equipment and staging modifications to process dry/hard berries holds up, the cranberry crush should be a half day event. Thank God my wine glass is always half full with positive enthusiasm!

First Crush Winery 2016 Crush Team tee shirts will be distributed to our crush team.

Racking the Reds…

The first racking for our three reds will occur later in the same week. I was aiming for Friday and/or Saturday, however, the long range forecast is calling for rain. But, since racking is primarily an indoor event, it may not be an issue to consider. If there are interested winemaker assistants for racking, I would encourage a call early next week to see what my plan is.

COOP Reserve Pickup…

Please get you taste bud’s in here to pickup up your wine.

COOP Funny…

The King of Sweden is out hunting for moose in the woods with one of his attendants. As they looked around for game, they suddenly spot another man in the clearing ahead. The king raises his rifle. The man in the clearing shouts, “I’m not a moose.” The king fires and kills the man. Stunned, the attendant says to the king, “Sire, the man said, “I’m not a moose.” “Oh!” the king says. “I thought he said, I am a moose.”



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