Crush Alert 1, 2017

September 11, 2017
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Crush Alert 1, 2017

Vino 2017… Let’s begin!

Change in Plans…
If you attended our harvest social this last Saturday, I announced that due to accelerated ripening of grapes in CA, due to the hotter than usual weather, our zinfandel grapes would arrive this next Thursday and we would have a mini-crush event for 8 tons of grape the next day Friday. I received a call today, that the delivery is way ahead of schedule, and in fact they will arrive this Tuesday.As a result, crush event 1 will be this Wednesday am at 8.

My apologies for this change in schedule. I hope some of you can attend. We should be done before 11 if all goes well. Diane will feed us when our work is done.It would be helpful for us to know if you plan to attend.

This means we will be crushing twice. One socialite asked at the social, “How can First Crush possibly be First Crush if they crush twice?” It is what it is nd we must remain flexible. I will begin stretching tonight! This also means, the zinfandel may reach end-stage fermentation, requiring press before we get the second shipment of 20 tons of the cab blend and Sangiovese. This may be a good practice run before the big test. Like a balloon, it’s all up in the air!

For crush newbies…during a crush event, 1 ton bins of grape are placed by forklift on a raised platform. The end of the bin is opened and grapes are raked down into a crusher. This is best done at a slow steady rate. Raking too fast can clog the crusher and cause excessive delay. In the process, the grape stems get stripped away and discarded. Dress with water tolerable shoes and yardwork clothing. Work gloves or disposable gloves are recommended. Grapes tend to be sticky when processed. Most importantly, be aware of the moving forklift and never reach into the crushers hopper with your hands. I almost forgot… eating grapes is acceptable… to a degree. Eating too many would be a zin!


The Harvest Social…

On Saturday, we enjoyed one of our best socials to date. A bit over 100 socialites ate, drank and got merry! The weather was perfect. I was able to erect a new large 10×20 foot tent and have the delicious coop appetizers placed outside the winery. This proved to be a great change. It allowed the interior of the winery to be less congested, and it also made cleanup mush easier.
The band… The Walrus and the Carpenter was a big hit. Thanks Jerry… many compliments came your way.

Coop Funny…

I became confused when I heard the word “Service” used with these agencies:
-Internal Revenue “Service”
-U.S. Postal ”Service”
-Telephone ”Service”
-Cable / TV ”Service”
-Civil ”Service”
-City, County & State Public ”Service”
-Customer ”Service”

This is not what I thought ”Service” meant!But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to ”Service” a few cows.

BAM!!! ……….It all came into immediate focus.Now I understand what all those agencies are doing.

To crush 1,


Our 2016 Coop… It’s time to pick up your wine.
Our 2017 Coop…

Level 1(2 case reserve) $190. per case
Level 2 (3-9 case reserve) $180. per case
Level 3(10 or more case reserve) $170. per case
Individual bottles,beyond a reserve, $16. each

Winemaker recommendation…to get back to a $180. per case rate, consider Level 2.

FYI:To be consistent going forward, when a Coop member elects to take half of their reserve before picking up the remainder, they will be charged 50% of their discounted price for their remaining reserve. As an example, in a two case reserve, if the case price was $190., and they take one case before the second, they will incur an addition $95., thus leaving a balance on the second case of $95.

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