January Update, 2014

January 9, 2014

Shiver my timbers…
An appropriate Americanism for the single digit temperatures we are enjoying this week on Cape Cod. Did any of you see the news reports recently on TV of a cup of water thrown in the air and it instantly turns to powdery snow? It reminded me of my old chemistry days when we learned this potential outcome during unusually cold weather. For this to happen, you must use hot water, and the reason for the sudden crystallization is when the cold oxygen molecules suddenly meet the extreme of the hot molecules in the water and that extreme difference causes the molecules to explode creating snow. This principal is also used by ski resorts to create man-made snow. Since I often fall when I ski, I may search for a ski resort that produces women-made snow!

2013 Vintage Wine Update…
As a reminder, the vintage year references when the grapes were harvested. Thus, even though it is now 2014, our most recent vintage wines will be 2013 wines. Some of you may have a remarkable flair for the obvious, as I do, and may have already known this.
Our red wines have now been racked three times and all of the wine is now in the oak aging stage. As in 2012, our Cab blend is snuggling up to new French oak and our Zinfandel blend is comfy as well in new Hungarian oak. I have to admit, I have been tempted to try a taste here and there during my solitary testing sessions. If you were a fruit fly on the wall you would see me smile and nod my head vertically with approval. I love my job! At our winery social on the 25th of this month, I will have 2013 samples for all to experience. If you remember our YouTube video, yummy-yum has reached adolescence. Search for FirstCrushWinery on YouTube for a reference to yummy-yum this. It’s also available on our new website. Chris, you were famous. Now you are infamous!

Our Next Social…
As advertised, January 25th, 4-6pm.

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First Crush wines will be served for $10. per person. As in the past, couples can bring an appetizer and singles can mooch. I know this sounds repetitive, but I like the way it sounds. We have been collecting serving trays and cheese knives from past socials. We may have a yard sale this summer. I will have the stash available for retrieval. I suggest that all trays brought to the winery have a sticker on the bottom identifying the chef and a phone number. I can then identify the owner of the tray and ask for the recipe. I have been making a bar for the winery that will serve its first First Crush pour at the first social of the year. First person in the door gets the first pour. First lady Diane will be bartender. I urge members to bring along a potential member(s).

Our New Website…
It’s a-live! Check it out at… firstcrushwoo.wpengine.com It will be enhanced in the near future by many photos and videos of our COOP wine making events and socials. It is an excellent place to refer friends to learn about our COOP. Please support the restaurants and wine shops that support us and please ask any other local establishments why they don’t serve or carry First Crush wines. If you personally attract a new business to carry our wines, a bottle of our wine is on me.

You’re COOP Reserve for 2013 Wines…
My sincere thanks to those that have already sent in their COOP reserve for our 2013 wines. I urge you reserve now for this next season. It is quite helpful to me not only to keep the bills paid but also to judge how much wine to reserve for the COOP in any given year. As I have expressed in the past, COOP members receive first consideration. My thanks for a making the 2012 COOP a success beyond expectations. Pricing remains the same for this next vintage. If you visit the Join Page on our website you can print the COOP reserve form and mail it in unless we see each other at the social.

Over and out, 2014 here we go… that reminds me, GO Pats