January Update, 2017

January 5, 2017
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January Update, 2017

2016 Star Spangled (Sauvignon Blanc) and Innocence (Rose)
Available early February


Happy New Year to all…

Since so many in our COOP family are dear friends, I want to share that this has been a difficult holiday season for our family.  Diane’s mom passed just days before Christmas.  We are grateful that we were all by her side to express our love and to comfort her.  Of course, when we deal with the loss of someone you love and who loved you, you cannot help but reflect on all that is good and how we can carry in our own life benefitting from their example.

Winter Social… Save the Date…

Our winter social is rapidly approaching. It will be on
Saturday, January 28th, 4-6pm. Not to worry, this is the non-football playoff weekend, the week before Super Bowl. At last year’s social, we were hoping it would have been a Patriots pep-rally for last year’s Super Bowl, but it did not quite work out. Hopefully, it will be different this year. If so, Patriots apparel is encouraged.

We are hoping to have our special friend, Frank Musto and wife Kathy, at this next winter social. Frank partners with the Lanza family in CA to provide us our grapes. Frank will be able to enlighten us about industry happenings and the logistics of getting their high quality grapes in our hands only days from harvest.

We have many new members who may like to know about typical COOP social protocol. To date, we have had three social events yearly. Our winter social, a spring social and a pre-harvest social in early September. Only COOP members are notified about our socials, however their guests are always welcome. And as always, couples are encouraged to bring an appetizer and we single out singles who can mooch. Dress code is always casual. The one and only Cajun Bob and his talented friends will provide the musical entertainment. There will be a door charge of $10.00 fee per person to cover the costs of the entertainment, prep, supplies and cleanup. Our wines will be served at $5.00 per glass at the bar. Hope to see many of you socially.
Go Pats!

About our COOP…

Every now and then it is helpful to explain our COOP model for benefit of our newer members. To begin, now that we have been in the wine industry since 2012, I must share that it is quite common for me to hear compliments from our winery peers and industry leaders about our unique winery COOP model.

To coincide with the harvest, a COOP season begins on September 1st, and ends the last day of August. When compared to our retail pricing, COOP members save a minimum of $70.00 per case. Generally, members pick up their reserve mid-summer, and hopefully no later than by the end of the year. We encourage members to sign up for the next COOP year with a half deposit when they pick up their previous year’s reserve. If this takes place before December 31st, we provide a gift of some type as a thank you. This last year it was two extra bottles of our zinfandel and a logo corkscrew.

Since 2010, two years before the inception of our formal winery, our COOP pricing for wines reserved has been the same as it is now. As you would expect, our grapes and the pricing of everything else has risen, but our increasing retail business has allowed me to keep COOP pricing the same. This will change slightly someday, but for now, no pricing changes for the COOP. Keep in mind that the retail public pays $25.00 per bottle for some of our wines. Such a deal!

COOP Funny…

Did you hear the story about an elderly man who gets his first hearing aids from his doctor? The new hearing aids allow the man to hear perfectly. After a month, the older man visits the doctor for a check-up. The doctor says “Your hearing is excellent; your family must be happy!” The older man replies “Oh, I haven’t told them yet. I’ve been sitting and listening to their conversations and I’ve already changed my will five times!”

Success is an accumulation of successful days…

To success in 2017,


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