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First Crush Winery 2020 Coop Wine Reserve

If you answer yes to all three questions,… you then qualify as a potential Coop member!

1. I really like First Crush Winery wines.
2. I want to save $80.00 per 12 bottle case, or more.
3. I am able to return to the winery once yearly to pick up my reserved wine.

Membership Bullet Points

  • The # 1 best price point on First Crush wines.
  • A Coop vintage season begins… September 1st, and ends August 31st.
  • Unlike a wine club, you always get to select your favorite wines.
  • To join, there is no membership fee.
  • To Join, new members simply pre-pay for 50% of their case reserve.
  • Your reserved wines are picked up during summer / fall.
  • Members may optionally participate in the primary stages of making wine.
  • Members receive enology education through the winemaker’s monthly blog.
  • Members, and their guests, are invited to seasonal social events at the winery.
  • When you re-joining for the next season, at pickup, you are gifted something special.
  • Additional cases can be obtained, beyond your reserve, at your discounted case rate.
  • Additional single bottles can be obtained anytime at $17.00 per bottle.
COOP # of Cases Reserved 12 Bottle Reserve Case Price Initial 50% Reserve Deposit
Level 1 2 Cases $200. per Case/$16.66 pb $200.
Level 2 3-9 Cases $190. per Case/$15.83 pb $95. x # of Cases
Level 3 10 or more Cases $170. per Case/$15.00 pb $90. x # of Cases

Members can purchase additional wines, today or anytime, at their discounted reserve rate.

[email protected]Cell: 508-737-6867

—>Download PDF and Complete to Submit Coop Membership<—

Mail Reserve Payments to: First Crush Winery: Olde Depot, 527 Main Street, Harwich MA 02645