Coop membership is the most popular option to save money on First Crush wines?  Currently, an impressive 42% of the wine produced at First Crush Winery is reserved as discounted futures by over 600 COOP members.

The following is a bullet list of why are so many are interested in our COOP’s unique opportunity?

  • They really like our fine wines.
  • They want to save significantly on our wines.
  • They like that there is no membership fee.
  • They want the optional opportunity to participate in wine making events.
  • They want to receive monthly enology education, and winery activity updates.
  • They want the opportunity to attend popular social event at the winery.

COOP membership is not a typical wine club. To summarize,… for those that love our wines, want to spend significantly less on our wines ($60-$80 per case, can visit Cape Cod yearly to pick up their wines, and optionally join in on the fun and camaraderie members experience during wine making and social events, joining the COOP makes perfect sense!

COOP Membership fundamentals:

  • Members reserve a minimum of two cases (24 bottles).
  • There is no membership fee.
  • Members join by pre-paying for one discounted case, or if more than two cases, 50% of their reserve.
  • Members select the wines they like best to fulfill their reserve.
  • Members pick up their reserve during the summer and fall months.
  • The COOP season begins September 1st and ends August 31st.

 *** A COOP membership makes a great gift for a parent or a spouse.

Members benefit from camaraderie and friendships formed at winemaking and social events.