August Social Update, 2014

August 1, 2014


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August Social Update, 2014


Lake Cuomo looking south from our deck in Varenna Italy towards Bellagio on the left, 2012
Magnificent lightening storm on the way.

Our Summer Social…

Where does the time go? Seems only like yesterday I was planning for last year’s social. Between our COOP and the wholesale marketplace, First Crush has distributed about 20,000 bottles of wine since then. I could not have imagined a better start for our new winery, and it is in large part, due to the enthusiasm and support of our COOP members. My humble thanks to you all.

This update will be short and sweet and simply a reminder of our summer social this coming Saturday, August 23rd, 4-6. It’s redundant… again, and I repeat myself, but for sake of our new COOPeratives and COOP wana-bees,… couples are encouraged to bring a small appetizer to share, and as always, singles can mooch.   Cost is slightly more this time around since we will have Cajun Bob on keyboard for your enjoyment, a table providing delicious pulled-pork apps and the Cape’s own CLJ Imports will have a table providing tastings of specialty imported Italian cheeses and goodies. The cost is $15.00 per person that includes 3 glasses of wine. Requests for additional glasses of wine will be $5.00. In the future, if we do not have costs for entertainment, and pulled-pork, the cost will go back to $10.00 per person. Unlike politics, they don’t call it pork for something!

Our special guests and friends at this social will be our CA grower Ron Lanza providing expertise and an update on our rapidly approaching harvest, and Frank Musto, our grape distributor and partner with Ron’s in some of the Suison Valley vineyards that provide us with our wonderful grapes. I feel very privileged to have Ron fly across our beautiful country to be with us.

I urge socialites to car-pool with others if possible since parking is always an anxious thought for me. Please respect our warehouse neighbors by not blocking access to their units. Thankfully, weekends are not typically busy times at our complex.   First Crush owns buildings 16, 17 and 18.

2013-14 COOP…

Happy Day! Diane and I started bottling the cab blend this last week. We plan to have all wines available for COOP pickup by the end of August. We will have a coming out (of the bottle) party for our/your 2013 reds at this social. I think you will all be smiling with nods of approval. Remember, unlike most of us, the wines are young.

2014-15 COOP…

We are now taking COOP reserve orders for this next year’s wines. Many have done so already and are taking advantage of the additional bottles of free wine to sign up early. Review my last update for specifics, but in short, a two case reserve earns 3 extra bottles of wine and a three case reserve earns you 6 extra bottles. Look for Anita at the social to reserve your 2014-15 vino. If I can convince her in advance, she will be wearing an obvious hat to distinguish herself even more than she usually does.

That’s all he wrote,… see many of you soon,



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