July Update, 2014

July 1, 2014

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July Update, 2014

Our 2012 Inventory…

Later this month, First Crush Winery reaches a milestone. It’s going to be one full year since we began distributing our first First Crush Winery wines, the 2012 vintage. It just goes to show you that there is a first time for everything! We produced approximately 2000 cases of the 2012 vintage and I am quite pleased to report that we have sold, and consumed at our COOP socials, 70% of that volume. More on consumption later. We are about to transition into our 2013 vintage wines; however COOP members are entitled to continue to purchase our 2012 wines at the same costs per case as their membership reserve indicates. For members, that’s generally $170. per case. At some point, l will hold back some of our 2012 wines, and in time, re-release them as a “reserve.”

New COOP Video…

As promised, we now have a video specifically produced to highlight our COOP. Please visit our website, firstcrushwoo.wpengine.com, scroll down and note the stained glass window that allows you to view the video. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. It was filmed and produced by our supporter, Thomas Milkey of Grand Cove Productions.  Please refer your friends to our website to learn about us and please watch carefully, many of you are in the video. Just think, in two months the fun begins again.


As most of my seasoned COOP veterans know, the COOP year we refer to is the same as the vintage year placed on the bottle. In other words, the year on the bottle reflects the year the grapes were grown. Confusion occurs because the COOP’s wine of any given vintage is ready to be distributed in the following year. To help make this better understood, I will begin referring to the COOP using a two year terminology. As an example, last year’s COOP will be referred to as 2013-14 and the next COOP, beginning this September, will be 2014-15, and so on.

FYI: We will be bottling both of our 2013-14 reds early August.   I will make an announcement when they can be picked up along with our other three wines that are currently ready and bottled. Keep in mind, the most convenient time to sign up for the 2014-15 COOP reserve is when you pick up your 2013-14 reserve. That’s what I call being COOPerative!

COOP Enrollment Incentives…

First Crush Winery is about to embark on its third formal season. As you all know, starting a winery has significant costs associated with it in regard to equipment, real estate, monthly overhead, grape cost, etc. I am happy to report that in large part, due to the support of the COOP faithful, we are paying our monthly bills without a continued personal infusion of cash. Happy day! With that said, I now have the luxury to provide more fairness and an advantage to members that sign up early in the COOP season, as opposed to the last part of a season. As an example, at this moment in time, a new COOP member can still join the 2013-14 COOP and receive the same pricing and benefits as one that joined last September and that is not exactly fair. The following is a new incentive structure to bring advantages to those that sign up earlier. I think you will all be happy to hear that the pricing will not increase on the COOP membership reserve for the new 2014-15 COOP season; and in addition, the following incentives will apply:

Currently Until December 31, 2014:

Level 1: Two Case Reserve (50% deposit $180.) & receive two extra bottles of wine of your choice plus two bottles of our 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.

Level 2: Three + Case Reserve (50% deposit = $85. per case) & receive three extra bottles of wine of your choice plus three bottles of our 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.

January 1 – April 31, 2015:

Level 1: Two Case Reserve & receive one extra bottle of wine of your choice.

Level 2: Three + Case Reserve & receive two extra bottles of wine of your choice.

August Social Reminder…

August 23rd 4-6pm is our scheduled date and time. Ron Lanza, our grower and Frank Musto, our distributor, are our featured guests. Ron is flying in from California specifically to meet our COOP members and provide education and an update on the 2014 harvest. One of the most important variables that helps make our wines special, is the opportunity to procure quality fruit and the relationships we enjoy with Lanza-Musto Vineyards. We are a partnership and we are friends and you will find them quite informative and approachable. We hope to see you all in August.

A Change in Social Event Policy…

Pricing will remain at $10.00 per person to consume our wines. Members can bring guests that may be interested in joining our COOP. Couples are encouraged to bring a small appetizer to share. Singles can continue to mooch. The only change is that persons that pay to consume glasses of our wines will be provided three tickets for their wine share. However, if a person desires additional wine, they will only be charged $5.00 per glass. Since I am also an eye doctor in my day job, this policy change is an attempt to reduce the effects of double vision following a COOP social!

Bragging Rights…

Our first antique vehicle outing was the annual Father’s Day classic car show that filled Hyannis Main Street with over 400 vehicles. Our 1949 Mercury M68 – 1 Ton won first prize in the classic vehicle category.  One week later, we brought it to the prestigious Heritage Museum and Gardens annual classic auto show. Once again, it took top prize. The truck was truly an honored to receive such recognition. I accepted the trophy’s on behalf of the truck since it was speechless!

Life is good,


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