May Update, 2016

May 1, 2016
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May Update, 2016

Catered private dinner parties at First Crush Winery

Our spring-has-sprung social…

Please save the date: June 4th, 4-6pm, at the winery. Cajun Bob and his friends will provide our much-looked-forward-to entertainment. To simplify things, and do away with those annoying drink tickets, it will be $5.00 per glass of wine and $10.00 at the door per person to cover the entertainment and to pay me to wash wine glasses until the cows come home. If we do provide a ticket, it will be for a door prize. And of course, our ongoing custom will persist whereby couples are asked to bring an appetizer to share and then singles can mooch. We look forward to seeing you all. Please feel free to invite friends, and/or family, to join us.

Often these days I am explaining the pearls of COOP membership to potential new members. There is a growing trend for casual visitors to the winery to join our popular COOP after hearing about it during a tasting and tour. Aside from the explanation to secure discounted futures for our wines, they are often most attracted to the opportunity of social interaction within the COOP, both during wine making times and at our winery socials. For me; and from what I observe with so many of you that have become our dear friends, one of the primary benefits of our COOP concept is the opportunity to make new friends. Also, I now frequently entertain guests that own or work at other wineries. They are all fascinated by our COOP story. I guess we have something special. The wine is one thing… but the special is YOU!

Our growers recent visit…

Ron Lanza, his son Todd and Frank Musto paid a visit to the winery and to our home on May 1st. Unfortunately, their visit did not coincide with the date of our upcoming spring social. Once again, Ron and company were so very complimentary about the continued outcome of our wines. Ron expressed that of all the wineries receiving their grapes, including wineries in Napa and Sonoma, we are making the best wines. Ron once again told me that we do not charge enough for our wines. He expressed that the quality of our reds would indicate a $40. per bottle price in his area, and with a notable winery label behind the wine, even more. Some of you may remember that during a past social Ron expressed that in his “humble” opinion, the grapes account for 80% of the outcome of the wine and the winemaker 20%. On this trip he graduated me to 30%. So, I now have an additional 10% to hang my hat on!

As an FYI, most of you know about the famous Camus Winery in Napa Valley and their amazing red wines. I know I mentioned this in a previous update, but this was a topic on his visit, and we discussed the following in more detail… Camus has purchased a very large area adjacent to the 400 acres comprising Lanza-Musto vineyards. Ron and the owners of Camus have become friends. This new paradigm will most likely change the dynamics in Suisun County, some good, some questionable. The possible negative side for us may be in regard to the costs of our grapes in future years.

Winery update…

For those of you that may not have joined the 2015-16 COOP reserve, you can still do so until the end of July. In August, we will open up the next reserve for the 2016-17 COOP season. To date, we have not increased the case costs to reserve wines in our COOP, and this will not change this next year as well despite rising cost in every other aspect of the winery. For those that sign up early for the next season, we will be providing a complimentary incentive by gifting extra bottles of wine at sign up. I will open the next season up for COOP members this coming August. By the way, the 2015 wines are amazing already. If any of you late comers need a complimentary taste to twist your taste buds, simply come by to do so.

The best for last…

Hopefully, you are by now well aware of the many health-related benefits of red wine. My neurologist brother recently sent me the following article that he had seen in one of his medical journals. I am the oldest of six siblings and this brother is the youngest. He began his email to me by stating, “no wonder you have so much energy.” Read on…

New health benefits of red wine discovered. You can toast to this: A recent study finds that a glass of vino may contain muscle fatigue-fighting benefits. Red wine drinkers can savor their next glass a little more thanks to new scientific research. The results of a study that were recently published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology show that the muscles of monkeys who received a supplement of an antioxidant called resveratrol are more resistant to fatigue.

Resveratrol is a natural component of blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and grape skins – and thus red wine. The antioxidant is believed to help prevent damage to blood vessels, prevent blood clots and reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol), according to the nonprofit Mayo Clinic.

The team of researchers behind the latest study of resveratrol also notes that prior animal studies involving mice found that resveratrol increases lifespan and slows the onset of diabetes. One prior study found that resveratrol mirrored the positive effects of aerobic exercise in mice fed a high-fat and high-sugar diet.

The latest study of resveratrol involved rhesus monkeys. It was conducted by researchers at Georgetown University, California State Polytechnic University and the National Institute on Aging, which is part of the National Institutes of Health.

No monkey business,

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