March Update, 2014

March 20, 2014

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March Update, 2014

Dear COOPeratives and non-COOPeratives…

Please notice that I did not write un-COOPeratives.  Let’s define a First Crush non-COOPerative as a person or persons that are on my requested email update list, possibly even a previous COOPerative, but have not to date notified me to reserve their 2013 vintage wine.  I thank all that have been COOPeratives to date!  It is a great assist for me to get a feeling for how much of our wine is to be reserved for our “first dibs” COOP members, as opposed to wine for retail sales.  As a refresher, each vintage year requires COOP renewal to reserve your vino.  Please refer to our new website, for COOP details.  FYI: I am very pleased with our new website.   Remember to watch the videos and review our picture gallery showcasing many of you.

I write this winery/COOP update on the first day of spring and with great anticipation for warmth and the seasons that follow.  I hope all is well with all of you.  Despite the obvious complications and distractions of a difficult winter, we have been quite busy at the winery and elsewhere since my last update.  I appreciate all the concerns for my shoulder.  I am one month postop and quite pleased to be 90% back to normal.

Winery Conference…

Diane and I attended the Eastern Winery Conference in Lancaster PA earlier this month.  The best part is always our pre-conference dinner with our growers Ron and Rick Lanza and our distributor, Frank Musto.  Ron and Rick always bring wine samples, and now, we do as well.  We shared the fruits of our efforts before dinner in Ron’s hotel room along with a delightful Italian antipasto.  I wish you all could experience their complimentary reactions to our wines.  They shake their heads in amazement regarding the quality of the wine we are producing on Cape Cod with their grapes after a cross-country journey from California.  As a further compliment, Ron recently asked me to send him some of our wine so that he can share it with the rest of his family and friends in California.

Those of you that know me well from my practice understand that technology and new toys are hard for me to resist.  One new process we will soon employ is a filling machine that allows us to distribute our wines in bottle size plastic pouches.  We will introduce this optional format to the marketplace with our two cranberry products and our Sauvignon Blanc in the May timeframe.  It is perfect in coolers for boaters, off-road excursions, for picnics, etc.  It will be made available to COOP members of course, but more specifically to package stores on the Cape.  If any of you have connections with NASA, it would also be perfect on the International Space Station.

At the conference we also found a company that is producing a pouch product whereby you pour in a bottle of white wine of your choice, i.e. First Crush Sauvignon Blanc or one of our Cranberry wines, shake it up, add water up to a fill line, and place it in the freezer.  It comes in varied flavors including Margarita, Sangria, Peach Bellini and Blueberry Pomegranate.  It creates a delightful slushy beverage, again for the experiences of warmer days.  When filled, the pouch is 1.5 liters.  Not for everyday use, however it will produce smiles.  We are offering a special for COOP members that includes one bottle of our Sauvignon Blanc and one flavored pouch of your choice for $20.00.  Such a deal!

New Barrels…

At the winery conference we found a new independent barrel maker in Missouri.  He makes beautiful American oak barrels from noted Missouri forests.  The wood is aged three years before barrel construction.  As many of you know, we use Flextank technology for most of our barrel aging.  Our five new 59 gallon barrels will provide us with a trial run utilizing this American resource.

Our May 17th Social…

In past updates I mentioned that our grower, Ron Lanza would attend and speak to our COOP members and their potential COOPerative guests.  Unfortunately, Ron just informed me that his son’s college graduation has been changed to that weekend and he will need to re-schedule.  As a result, we have made plans for him to attend our pre-harvest social to be held in later August.  That date will be scheduled soon.  As a result, you are stuck with me apparently.  Please reserve the date of May 17th, 4-6pm with details to follow.

Sauvignon Blanc Special…

Over the cold winter I stored our remaining 2012 Sauvignon Blanc in our new third unit at the winery at colder temperatures than our other wines.  As a result, it caused some precipitation of acid crystals in the bottom of the bottles creating what is called, cold stabilization.  This is beneficial if done before bottling so that it can be filtered off.   The good news is that it did not influence the flavor but rather only the visual appearance on the glass at the bottom of the bottle.  Because of this I have decided not to sell the remaining 2012 commercially but will make it available to COOP members at the significant discount of $90.00 per case (under $7.50 per bottle).  A minimum of 6 bottles per purchase.  You are welcome to sample the wine before your purchase.  Our new 2013 Sauvignon Blanc will be available beginning April 1st.

Mercury Rising…

We got that covered in the first paragraph.  Happy Spring!  But in addition, in 10 days, First Crush Winery will be getting a mascot vehicle to travel Cape Cod roads adorned with our logo.  It is one of those too hard to resist decisions in life.   I stumbled across a 1949 Mercury 1Ton pickup.  Quite rare from what I understand.  They were made in Canada and only produced 16 of these and it is thought to be the only one left on the road.  The previous owner did a complete ground up restoration and left it fully original.  It will only come out on sunny dry Cape Cod days.  Can’t wait to show it off and Diane is as anxious as I am, thank God.  Despite this excitement, it’s a truck.  We have much more important things to celebrate… our family, our health and our good fortune to have so many great friends.



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