Press Alert 1, September, 2017

September 20, 2017
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Press Alert 1, September, 2017

Active Fermentation…
CO2 production pushes the grape skins to the top… we come to
the winery three times daily to punch down the cap for
rehydration and stimulation of the process.

Press Schedule…

Last Wednesday, Many coop faithful crushed 8 tons of our Primitivo Zinfandel, Petite Sirah blend. Since this was a warm up to our next much larger 20 ton delivery, we were finished before lunchtime. Thank you all that participated in our perfectly coordinated effort.

As of this am, 98% of our fermentation on the above is completed. This means that this Thursday is my target date for press for this smaller batch. The only thing standing in our way is a hurricane. I have delayed this update to hear the latest weather report, and if all goes well, the rain should clear out very early Thursday morning before we start.

I have an option to press on Friday, however, that would allow our valuable elixir to cool more than desired jeopardizing my timing on secondary fermentation, called malolactic fermentation. So, I’m taking a shot at baby press 1 for this Thursday at 8am. With that said, if the weather changes to a problematic issue, or if I have any fermenters not fully to a 0% conclusion, I will send an alert Wednesday early evening. Please check for that possibility. If you are feeling presstigious, please join us on Thursday.

To provide some perspective as to the job at hand, we have 9 large primary fermenters, and one small, filled with fermented wine. Presszilla can accommodate 1 3/4 fermenters per cycle. For those experienced in our press events, we should expect about only 5 full cycles for our baby press event.

By the way, the warm almost full fermented wine tastes wonderful at this early stage. Those of you attending our press event will have the opportunity to confirm my findings.

When is Crush 2?…

As of yesterday, our grower, Ron Lanza expects our 20 ton shipment of our cab bend and Sangiovese to be leaving Suisun this Friday. That puts the fruit on our doorstep about Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, we would press next Wednesday or Thursday. “Take a Letter Maria”… rain, rain, go away! Let’s hope Maria goes deep sea fishing deep into the Atlantic next week. It’s hard enough making wine from 28 tons of grape let alone dodge multiple hurricanes.

Coop Funny…

Sorry, at this time, I’m press for time! Much more of my humor to look forward to in future updates.

On to press 1,

Our 2016 Coop… It’s time to pick up your wine.

Our 2017 Coop…

Level 1(2 case reserve) $190. per case
Level 2 (3-9 case reserve) $180. per case
Level 3(10 or more case reserve) $170. per case
Individual bottles, beyond a reserve, $16. each

Winemaker recommendation…to get back to a $180. per case rate, consider Level 2.

FYI:To be consistent going forward, when a Coop member elects to take half of their reserve before picking up the remainder, they will be charged 50% of their discounted price for their remaining reserve. As an example, in a two case reserve, if the case price was $190., and they take one case before the second, they will incur an addition $95., thus leaving a balance on the second case of $95.

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