Press Alert 2, September, 2017

October 2, 2017
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Press Alert 2, September, 2017

Press Schedule…

If any of you can assist, our final press days will be this coming Wednesday, October 4th for our Sangiovese and the following day, Thursday, for our cabernet. Please note…if I test an incomplete conversion of sugar to alcohol with the Sangiovese on Tuesday, I will send a notice that evening that press will be pushed to Thursday and Friday. If you do not hear back, press will be Wednesday-Thursday.

My thanks in advance to the coop faithful that donate their valuable time.

At last Tuesday’s crush, we gave the a new First Crush logo hat to all that participated. If you participated in any of the previous 2017 crush or press events this month, please stop by to get a hat as a small token of our appreciation.


Our cab blend and Sangiovese have been in active fermentation since post-crush last Tuesday. Diane and I have been diligently going to the winery three times daily to punch down the grape skin cap that builds as a result of the carbon dioxide gas pushing the skins upward. As time proceeds through fermentation, the thick cap gets less thick and easier to push down. It is a workout to say the least at the height of fermentation.

The biggest issue during punch downs is to deplete CO2 from the winery before we can work indoors. We have to wait outdoors for 10 minutes with the large doors open for oxygen to fill the winery. Any living creature in the winery with the doors closed will not survive.

I wish we have more opportunity to have wine making events on weekends this year, but the grape shipments did not allow for optimum weekend timing in that regard. Hope to see some of you later this week,


Our 2016 Coop… It’s time to pick up your wine.

Our 2017 Coop…

Level 1(2 case reserve) $190. per case
Level 2 (3-9 case reserve) $180. per case
Level 3(10 or more case reserve) $170. per case
Individual bottles, beyond a reserve, $16. each

Winemaker recommendation…to get back to a $180. per case rate, consider Level 2.

FYI:To be consistent going forward, when a Coop member elects to take half of their reserve before picking up the remainder, they will be charged 50% of their discounted price for their remaining reserve. As an example, in a two case reserve, if the case price was $190., and they take one case before the second, they will incur an addition $95., thus leaving a balance on the second case of $95.

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