Wholesale Distribution

Learn About First Crush Winery

If you are a Cape Cod package store or restaurant, you understand that local has value!  The brand and fine wines produced by First Crush Winery have become sought after products on Cape Cod.  To date, we have not distributed our products off of Cape Cod, except for one location, The Mass Wine Shop in the Boston Public Market.  This is worth noting, because this shop only sells Massachusetts wines.  We are proud of the fact that our wines are the most popular wines sold in this venue. This is a great proving-ground for the local opportunity available to you.

First Crush Winery began commercial production in 2012.  Our current annual production is 4200 cases comprising 9 different wines.  We self-distribute our products directly to our supporting restaurants and package stores.  Since Cape Cod is not an optimum environment to grow grapes, we source our fruit from the Napa region directly from growers we know and trust.  This is an expensive model, however, it allows us to make fine wines that rival the best of the best.

The sales success and the public response to our products has been more than encouraging. We have a winning combination of having locally produced products, excellent award-winning wines, and the curiosity factor, that our products are produced and bottled on Cape Cod.

Please allow us the opportunity to impress you.  Please contact winemaker owner, Frank Puzio at [email protected], or 508-737-6867, to arrange for a personal tour, and a complimentary tasting of our products. If time is an issue, he will be happy to visit you personally at your establishment.

Wholesale Industry Benefits: We self-deliver our wines within 1-2 days of an order. Contact us directly to learn how to achieve a $1.00 per bottle discount on our products. For wine stores, we have rack cards, case displays, and will participate in wine tasting events. For restaurants, the winemaker can provide a staff orientation session, and/or, we welcome participation in food/wine pairing dinners. Industry staff is always welcome at the winery for a complimentary tour and tasting.