September Update,2016

September 3, 2016
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September Update #1, 2016

The Crush…
Anita and Ricki having fun raking cabernet sauvignon grapes into a hungry crusher.
Superman foreman Chuck is so focused on counting grapes! In the background, the Batman zin team is competing to out-perform the cab team!

Our September Harvest Social is September 10th…

Read all about it, at the end of this blog…

Crush 2016…

The funnel of time had narrowed. I received word yesterday from our friends and suppliers Ron Lanza and Frank Musto that we may receive our grapes mid-day September 26th, and crush the following day, Tuesday September 27th. At the time of my last update, due to the summer heat, they estimated an early harvest again this year, but Murphy’s Law evidenced itself as usual, and it recently cooled off changing their estimate to one week later. I realize a weekday is not good for many, but we want to receive our grapes when they are at optimum ripeness. We are fortunate that Ron and Frank always provide us with the confidence that they want to send us the best of the best, and thus, wait for optimum sugar levels. As they probably say in Switzerland, timing is everything!

This is the time of the year I will send more frequent updates. Expect a confirmation on our crush day, and our start time, as we approach making wine time.

Happy COOP New Year…

Our 2015-16 COOP reserve is now closed and the 2016-17 COOP reserve is in session. Our First Crush COOP season always ends at the last day of August and begins again each September.

Since my last update, I have now bottling our 2015 cab and zin blends. The COOP rule of thumb,… when you pick up your reserve, you can have any wine in the winery. I find that most COOP veterans select the more aged reds. So, to make it clear, you can have 2014, or the more recently bottled 2015, or a little bit of both.

Now the bad news… many COOP members read my summer updates and took my advise to come early for some rapidly vanishing wines, namely, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose and Sangiovese. As a result of those cautions, many came in to secure some of them, and as a result, those three wines are now history for this season. The Sauvignon Blanc and Rose will be back in stock early 2017, and our Sangiovese, later in the Spring. Our winery is going through growing pains. Unlike a brewery that can make more beer in short order. Wine inventory is a dependent on yearly decisions.


It is now time for all 2015-16 COOP members to pickup their reserve. With that said, if you are not able to do so, not to worry, I will keep your reserve safe and sound until you can visit the Cape. Again, I encourage all to sign up for your next year’s reserve when concluding your current reserve,and when you do soat your wine pickup, I will gift you two extra bottles of our gold medal zinfandel (visZINary), and also, our new First Crush Winery logo corkscrew as a thank you.For a few early birds that signed up before that policy, remind me to get you’re your bonus bottles and one of the recently arrived corkscrews.

Our September Harvest Social…

September 10th, 4-6pm. This is the big one! We only invite COOP members, but member can bring COOP wana-be guests. As always, couples are encouraged to bring a small appetizer and singles can, as usual, mooch. The fee for admission is $10.00 per person and wine is at $5.00 per glass. Also, you will be provided a ticket for a raffle. Cajun Bob and his band will once again rock the tanks.

Parking: Please, a concern of mine is parking during socials and winemaking events. Please car pool if possible and always avoid parking in the front of my industrial park neighbors doors.

A First Crush Funny…

A gorilla walks into a bar, and asks for a glass of wine. The bartender figures the ape doesn’t know and better about wine or prices, and
says, “That’ll be $15.00. By the way, we don’t get many gorillas coming in asking for a glass of wine.” The gorilla says, “At $15.00 a glass, I’m not surprised!

Never whine while drinking our wine,


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