Thanksgiving Update, 2016

November 24, 2016
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Thanksgiving Update, 2016

Grape Goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends,

My favorite American holiday is now upon us. Diane and I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Our daily toils and life’s many obligations often distract us from what is truly important, namely our family, our friends, and to be so thankful for our many blessings. Please enjoy this special day!

Winery Update…

Beginning with the preparation days of late August, through the first week of January, my thoughts, and analysis and physical efforts are consumed with winemaking. My timely retirement from eye care this past August opened the window for me to take on more than ever before at the winery. I had no clue a few years ago when the COOP concept was born at my home in Yarmouth Port that we would be responsible for the production of 40,000 bottles of wine. 40.000, divided by 12 = 3,333.333 cases, to be roughly exact. Based on a two case COOP reserve, in theory that equates to 1,666.666 COOP members. So this Thanksgiving, be thankful you are not one of our 0.666 COOP members.

In reality, the COOP family is actually pushing 500 members, and yes, COOP members are first and foremost, and in my eyes, remain the foundation and focus of Frist Crush Winery. Your support for the winery is humbling and your friendships are appreciated and valued.

In case you are wondering, we then need to sell the remaining 2,400 cases to package stores, restaurants and retail visitors to the winery. In all sincerity, this is the side of the winery we have had to adapt to. It is now our seven day a week retirement job. Many of you have met our dear friend Anita at winery events. St. Anita helps us with our retail needs on weekends during the season. Thanks Anita.

Back to the current winery status… Many deserve my thanks for your helping hand this winemaking season, but none more than foreman Chuck for his unselfish efforts. Thank you my friend! The reds have now been racked twice. During a racking, a particular wine is pumped into our 1600 gallon food-grade blending tank I call “Fathom.” You got it, I cannot fathom that we make that much wine! Each secondary fermenter is then cleaned to remove sediment, and the clarified wine is pumped back in. FYI: At the end of a racking day do we get to experience our efforts… the new wine. Hmm… Does Chuck simply like to help me, or does Chuck love experiencing our new wine?

Our cranberry-raisin wine is also in progress. It was racked for the first time this last weekend. Most of it will be blended with Sauvignon Blanc to create our signature, Cran Blanc. FYI: If any of you need a bottle to create an amazing fresh cranberry-nut relish for the holiday(s), it’s not too late. I am in the winery often… 508-737-6867.

Just to see if you are paying attention… “Oh, I thought he said he was a moose!”

That was the punch line of my last COOP funny. Scores of you atypically responded to me on how hilarious they thought the joke was. Fortunately, just a few of you had no clue why it was considered a joke. Interestingly, the division of those that thought it was funny, as to not funny, looked like the recent USA political map post-election. Red or blue… who are you?

God bless America,


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