…producing exquisite award winning wines enjoyed by our guests visiting the winery, at local restaurants and specialty wine shops, however, 40% of our production is distributed to the public via an active winemaking COOPerative fostering friendship, enology education, and best of all, fun.

Our Vision

The vision and the passion of First Crush Winery is under the proud direction of Frank Puzio, a retired local eye doctor with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. Aside from a rewarding day job, Dr. Frank has been evolving his enology experiences and skills for more than 30 years. “The mission for First Crush Winery is simple; to produce exquisite wines that will turn the heads of the most discriminating, utilizing the finest fruit in the land while sparing no expense on equipment and technology.”


The core emphasis of First Crush Winery centers around an atypical winemaking COOPerative providing an optional hands-on team-building opportunity for its members to assist during primary winemaking events, thus helping make the wine that will ultimately be their own. Coop members buy into meaningful discounted futures, a minimum of two cases seasonally.  Currently, 600+ Coop members enjoy these discounts, receive monthly enology education, and have opportunities to form new friendships during our wine making and social events. Learn More …

Our Brand

The name First Crush is a play-on-words depicting the realities of making wine, along with the social enjoyment experienced consuming wine. The first step in making wine is a process called “the crush” that strips the grapes from their stems to yield only berries and juice in preparation for fermentation. In addition, when the nectar of the God’s is enjoyed, it is typically in the presence of friends, family and/or with a person in your life that elicits a meaningful crush. And so, we are First Crush Winery!

“In water one sees one’s own face; but in wine, one beholds the heart of another.”
An Old French Proverb


At family gatherings long ago I remain with fond memories of joining my grandfather Dominic to his basement wine room.  I recall the cool musty experience, the old dark wine-stained barrels and the interesting and consistent smell of his wine room.

In preparation for a family dinner he would carefully pour his ruby-red homemade wine from one of his barrels into a large ceramic pitcher. Inevitably he would then put a finger over his lips suggesting we share a secret. “Frankie, do you want a taste of grandpa’s wine?”  And with a predictable nod of approval he reached for a small glass, carefully opened the tap on a barrel and poured us a small sample.  We shared a sip and always exchanged mutual smiles of approval. I can now reflect that those memorable and endearing times with my grandfather and my observation of the joy he experienced sharing his very own homemade wine with his family.

It pleases me that I am now the one making memories for my family, my friends, and that may now include you. Over the last 30+ years, I have refined my wine making skills through the study of advanced enology literature, attending educational opportunities at national symposiums and from valuable hands-on lessons learned from yearly wine making.

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Our Wines


OUR WINES As the saying goes, “Life is too short to drink cheap wine.” Making a truly great wine takes time, patience, and significant expense on many levels, but it always begins with the procurement of quality fruit! At this time, First Crush Winery produces 4200 cases, 50,000 bottles, of award-winning wines annually. We are fortunate to be able to obtain remarkable fruit from the finest growing regions in northern California and from growers that we know and trust. Only four days following harvest, pristine refrigerated fruit is in our hands and the many month winemaking process begins. Not many would expect high-end complex fruit-forward wines to be produced right here on Cape Cod, however bottle by bottle we are changing that perception!

gold-emblem silver-emblem

We are thrilled to have been featured in a new movie based on the New York Times Best Seller “Year By The Sea”.


75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot, 8% Malbec, 5% Petite Verdot
This award winning wine was created in the Bordeaux tradition blending Meritage varietals producing an intriguing complex wine. We offer this dark, ruby-rich gem with concentrated flavors of black cherry, plum, currant & spice. Great depth, with a long pleasing balanced finish influenced by new barrel French oak.


65% Primitivo Zinfandel, 35% Petite Syrah
Our gold medal winner. Offering sweet layers of blackberry, dark cherry and unique compliments of rich toasted vanilla. Port-like, yet full-bodied with great depth, and structure, balancing intense fruit with a satisfying finish. You will experience smooth tannins, and a kiss of sweet derived from new barrel Hungarian oak.


100% Sangiovese
This award winning Sangiovese is the lightest of our red wines. It derives its name from the Latin, sanguis Jovis, “the blood of Jove.” It has aromas and flavors that are rich and fresh, reminiscent of raspberries and strawberries. Moderate tannins and fruitiness, and it’s naturally high acidity provides lasting complexity.


80% Sangiovese, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot, 3% Petite Verdot
A soft, yet assertive “Super Tuscan” blend, utilizing northern California fruit. This specialty doles out black cherries, strawberries, dusty cocoa, and aniseed. You will experience a nicely balanced wine with bright acidity, polished tannins and vibrant flavors on the palate, leaving a pleasing and long-lasting finish.


88% Dry Riesling, 5% Sweet Riesling (4.5% RS), 7% Sangiovese
Delicate intensity in this atypical Rosé made from Riesling and Sangiovese varietals. Bright and vibrant in color with delicate fruit aromas, floral hints, hauntingly dry, with just a finishing kiss of sweetness. This Rosé is our party, deck, beach and barbecue wine – just for fun – goes with anything and everything… ENJOY!


Star Spangled:
100% Sauvignon Blanc
This may be the best Sauv. Blanc you have ever experienced. Distinctive crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc combining luxurious fruit with a refreshing bouquet revealing tropical tones of peach and guava. Of course, it is enjoyed chilled, but we suggest not overly cold, to unlock its lengthy and pleasing aromatic finish.


100% Chardonnay
Golden delicious apple, figs, and subtle oak notes form the basis of this balanced Chardonnay. Tropical fruit flavors, and the full body weight of this wine along with a smooth, silky texture combine to create a long non-buttery finish. This food friendly wine will enhance a wide range of foods such as, poultry, pork, fish, and shellfish.


Cran Blanc:
50% Cape Cod Cranberries / CA Raisins, 50% Sauvignon Blanc
This one-of-a-kind delight is exclusive to First Crush Winery. Our unique blend is comprised of our original cranberry wine, Three Sip Cran, blended with our Sauvignon Blanc, Star Spangled, with its tropical-peach attributes. This unlikely match will put a smile on your face with its satisfying composite of surprising flavors.

75% Cape Cod Cranberries, 25% CA Raisins
Pucker-up… Our cranberry-raisin elixir is a blend of dry-picked Cape Cod cranberries and California raisins. You will experience a perfect balance of tart refreshing cranberry and a hint of sweetness from CA raisins. Enjoy this special treat on ice with a squeezed lime, blended w/ Prosecco, or, introduce vodka and spritzer.Click Here to view our recipe for our Cranberry Relish.

Our Grapes

The first questions we hear when people learn about Cape Cod’s new winery, … “Where are your vineyards, and where do you grow grapes?”  There are many reasons why we do not grow our grapes on Cape Cod… land costs, an unpredictable climate, but primarily, Cape Cod is void of the mineral-rich volcanic soils needed to produce complex fine wines.  So, if you were a winemaker, and had a mission to produce wines that would rival the best of the best, what would you do?  As an example, a chef in a fine restaurant gathers ingredients for signature dishes from varied resources, far and wide.  The paradigm of First Crush Winery is no different.  It is structured around the procurement of high quality wine grapes, from one of the best wine growing regions in America.  Subsequently, and only four days from harvest, winemaker Dr. Frank spends the next year nurturing the end result handcrafting them into award winning wines!

First Crush Winery is fortunate to have a close relationship with a family of growers in northern California, located in the Suisun Valley AVA.  They are not simply a special resource, they are our friends.   Their vineyards border Napa Valley and benefit from a Mediterranean-like climate, fertile soils with volcanic minerals and significant marine air influences during the summer.  Our growers, the four-generation Lanza family, maintain 250 acres of pristine vineyards within walking distance to Napa Valley on the southeast, closest to the Stagg’s Leap District.  They can make available to us hillside and valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Syrah, Sangiovese, Malbec, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc.


Artisan Awards

We have never entered of our wines into industry competition until recently. Last fall we submitted our two big reds in a noted San Francisco International competition, the Artisan Awards. We were thrilled that our Cab blend earned silver medal and our Zin blend earned gold. Not bad for an east coast winery going up against the best in the west!

Boston Public Market

There are 30+ Massachusetts wineries represented in the Massachusetts Wine Association’s wine store in the new Boston Public Market located at Haymarket Square.  We are pleased to report that First Crush wines are among the most popular wines sold in the store.  Since their opening September 2015, they have sold over 350 cases of our fine wines at the market.

Delectable Wine App

Cabernet Sauvignon blend (Fusion) Rated 9.0, Sauvignon Blanc (Star Spangled) Rated 9.4, Reisling/Sangiovese Rosè (Innocence) Rating 8.8.


Coop membership is the most popular option to save money on First Crush wines?  Currently, an impressive 42% of the wine produced at First Crush Winery is reserved as discounted futures by over 600 COOP members.

The following is a bullet list of why are so many are interested in our COOP’s unique opportunity?

  • They really like our fine wines.
  • They want to save significantly on our wines.
  • They like that there is no membership fee.
  • They want the optional opportunity to participate in wine making events.
  • They want to receive monthly enology education, and winery activity updates.
  • They want the opportunity to attend popular social event at the winery.

COOP membership is not a typical wine club. To summarize,… for those that love our wines, want to spend significantly less on our wines ($60-$80 per case, can visit Cape Cod yearly to pick up their wines, and optionally join in on the fun and camaraderie members experience during wine making and social events, joining the COOP makes perfect sense!

COOP Membership fundamentals:

  • Members reserve a minimum of two cases (24 bottles).
  • There is no membership fee.
  • Members join by pre-paying for one discounted case, or if more than two cases, 50% of their reserve.
  • Members select the wines they like best to fulfill their reserve.
  • Members pick up their reserve during the summer and fall months.
  • The COOP season begins September 1st and ends August 31st.

 *** A COOP membership makes a great gift for a parent or a spouse.

Members benefit from camaraderie and friendships formed at winemaking and social events.


GPS often misdirects visitors to Route 28 in Harwich Port since Route 28 is also called Main Street.

From Route 6:

From Route 6, take exit 10 and proceed south on Route 124.  In approximately 1.5miles you will come to a stop sign in Harwich Center.  Make a right turn, proceed straight, west.  This is the beginning of Great Western Road. After 1/2 mile, take the first primary right turn onto Main Street.  Go past Station Avenue on the left, then go approximately 200 yards more and enter Olde Depot Industrial Park (527 Main Street) on the left.  First Crush Winey resides in the three buildings on the right. Enter at #18.

From Harwich Center:

From the center of Harwich, proceed directly west, towards Dennis, on Great Western Road.  In 1/2 mile, take the first primary right turn onto Main Street.  Go past Station Avenue on the left, then go approximately 200 yards more and enter Olde Depot Industrial Park (527 Main Street) on the left.  First Crush Winey resides in the three buildings on the right. Enter at #18

From Dennis:

From the traffic light at the intersection of Route 134 and Upper County Road, proceed east onto Upper County and take an immediate left onto Great Western Road. Proceed approximately 2.5 miles, past Depot Street, past the bike-path crossing, and take the next left onto Lothrop. Go to the end of Lothrop and take a right onto Main Street. Proceed approximately 1/3 mile and the road will have two S-turns. Immediately after the S-turns, take a right into Olde Depot Industrial Park, 527 Main Street. First Crush Winery resides in the three buildings on the right. Enter at #18.